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LINDY KVM extenders allow you to control multiple computers from one or more keyboard, monitor and mouse over your network, so you can control and use a PC remotely from a completely different area.


Using a USB KVM extender or CAT5 KVM extender can provide considerable savings by reducing the number of keyboards, monitors and mice required in your workspace. You also save time and effort by centralising control of your computers.


LINDY stocks a wide range of USB KVM extenders and CAT5 KVM extenders for both simple and advanced applications.


Our Quality Range


We have a wide range of options to extend your keyboard, monitor and mouse signals hundreds of metres over CAT5/6 cabling, or over unlimited distances via an IP network.


Our range includes:


  • USB KVM extenders. A USB KVM extender is a versatile plug and play solution. A user can of work at a workstation up to 150 metres from their computer or switch. The USB KVM extender makes business sense whenever there is a benefit to having a workstation in a physically separate place from a computer or switch.
  • CAT5 KVM extenders. CAT5 KVM extenders enables users to extend their keyboard, mouse and monitor up to 500 metres from the computer over CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 cables. CAT5 KVM extenders have a built in splitter function which allows them to control a PC locally or remotely. These units offer simple plug and play functionality, support for video resolutions up to 1900x1200, manual or automatic CAT5 cable compensation and skew correction, compact design, and fully transparent switching.


Our huge inventory means that over 95% of orders are despatched the same day they are received. We ship via overnight air freight with next morning delivery to all major cities.


Our connectivity products are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 quality system and carry industry-leading warranties of up to 10 years.


We provide fast and effective customer service across Australia. We stock the latest IT and AV products to ensure you get the right connectivity solution to meet your requirements. Over 95% of our products are in stock and ready for immediate delivery as soon as you place your order.


To learn more about our wide range of quality guaranteed products, call us on 1800 888 095 or submit an online enquiry form now.